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"This Pen is amazing and if your desperate to remove a tattoo and don’t want to spend thousands of dollars than this is the best option" -Benjamin Williams

Picosecond Laser Pen

Picosecond Laser Pen

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Not all tattoos are masterpieces; some may be regrettable mistakes. That's why we've developed the Removal Laser Pen device, which uses powerful and rapid energy to directly break up dark pigment, achieving the goal of improving skin without harming or damaging the skin tissues!
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Do you have moles, tattoos, or skin blemishes that you hate?

We've all faced challenging times dealing with our skin problems, but fortunately, there's a solution!

Introducing the first home laser removal pen treatment for acne, tattoos, moles, and blemishes. Utilizing innovative picosecond technology, this device emits rapid and powerful laser emissions to break up dark pigments without damaging any skin tissues.

Our Laser Pen effectively resolves melanin into fine particles, promoting skin metabolism. It comprehensively reduces freckles and dark spots, refining the skin from within and giving off a healthy glow.

The Most Unique In-Home Solution For Your Skin

Our Laser Pen stands apart from traditional laser removal technology, ensuring no burns while gradually fading blemishes as part of your regular home routine.

Featuring unique new technologies that minimize downtime and expand the range of indications and skin types that can be safely treated, our lasers have become one of the most versatile tools in the field.

The device emits super-fast pulse widths of less than one nanosecond, earning its reputation as the next generation in ultra-short pulse laser technology.

Covenient and Easy To Use Treatment

Say goodbye to lengthy visits to the doctor and painful procedures with extended healing times. Our safe and effective laser device allows you to achieve results in the privacy of your own home.

Rest easy knowing that our laser does not interact with human tissues. FDA Approved Picosecond Technology ensures the safety of your skin, keeping your body blemish-free.

With its sleek, compact, and durable design, you can carry it anywhere and share it with friends. Picosecond technology utilizes powerful light impulses at a specific wavelength, targeting only specific pigments and leaving your skin pain-free during the treatment. You can trust that your skin won't be burned or damaged!

The Difference Between RED and BLUE Laser Pen

The blue light picosecond pen delivers stronger power and effects, requiring a more professional operation. For safety, it's recommended to wear the included goggles during use. The blue pen necessitates pressing the switch button, while the red laser pen doesn't require this step.

When dealing with a black-colored tattoo, the red picosecond laser pen is best, while for more colorful tattoos, we recommend using the blue picosecond laser pen.

Achieving your desired results requires fewer treatment times. This versatile device is suitable for use at home, beauty salons, and clinical centers.

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  • 1x Removal Laser Pen
  • Protected by super soft, shatter resistant cover