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Powerful Electric Battery Operated Cordless Weed Eater - Grass Trimmer

Powerful Electric Battery Operated Cordless Weed Eater - Grass Trimmer

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Tired of carrying heavy corded trimmers out to improve your small garden?

Isn't it economical to pay someone for a light job?

Try this cordless, lightweight weed eater who doesn't have to pull the leash. Do it yourself and enjoy the joy of caring for your garden in the sun.

Regularly mow overgrown grass with tough weed eaters to easily maintain and care for your garden. Equipped with a powerful 12V / 24V motor, the electric brush cutter/weed eater rotates at 18,000 rpm and easily cuts hard grass and weeds.

Despite its strong construction, the mower is very light and easy to carry outdoors. That way, you won't have a hard time cutting grass from lawns, sidewalks, paths, and more.

Best of all, cordless weed eaters have retractable metal guides that prevent the blades from cutting into concrete or rock. Use a premium trimmer to prevent overgrowth from hijacking your garden.


Battery-powered weeds made of sturdy aluminum and plastic that last a long time are extremely durable and won't wear out after years of use. Equipped with a super sharp blade that easily cuts grass and branches.

Adjustable For better and more comfortable work, the cordless grass trimmer can be adjusted in length to fit your height. The convenient telescopic design allows the electric brush cutter to be easily adjusted to lengths from 36.2 to 48 inches.

ERGONOMIC With a curved handle, the Blade Weed Eater is easy to hold and operate. It even has an adjustable auxiliary handle that helps you stabilize the electric weed eater while you mow the grass.


Idling Time: 2~3 Hours
Item Width: 5.75 in
Power Source: Battery
Contraction Length: 36.3in
Blade Length: 6 in
Battery Included: Yes
Material: Aluminum + Plastic
Saw Blade Size: 150 mm/6"
Noise Level: 70 dB
Item Length: 41.34 in
Stretch Length: 1220mm/48in
Charge Time: 2 Hours
Battery Life: 120 min
Battery Capacity: 3.0Ah
Voltage: 12 V
Item Height: 9.25 in
Power: 650 W
Saw Blade Max. Speed: 9000 RPM
Cutting Diameter: 140mm


  • 1 x Grass Trimmer
  • 1 x Saw-blade
  • 4 x Black Plastics-Blades
  • 2 x Alloy-Blades
  • 1 x Handle
  • 2x Battery ( 2x 12V batteries with 12V Device and 1x 24V battery with 24V Device )
  • 1x US Charge Device
  • 1x manual user

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