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"I was amazed by the IMMEDIATE RESULTS against all flying insects! We are enjoying a completely BUZZ-FREE home and sleeping better than ever! " -S. Watson

Smart Portable Mosquito Flies Trap

Smart Portable Mosquito Flies Trap

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Embrace our effective and innovative chemical-free solution for mosquito and bug control. The result? Nothing but buzz-free air and comfort for you and your family. Simply put it ON and let it work its magic.
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  • Great Efficiency & Rapid Results

    It is the essential solution for all kinds of annoying insects and protects up to 300 square feet, immediately!

  • Tired of Old Fashion Ways to Get Rid of Annoying Insects?

    The stunning UV light innovative effect helps you keep your home mosquito free and doubles as decoration.

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Say NO to Smelly Sprays, Traps or Foggers and YES to Safety and Relax

Free from harmful chemicals, our device is non-toxic and powered by electricity, ensuring the safety of your family and pets.

Experience no smell as the LED light naturally attracts mosquitoes without the need for odorless substances or fragrances, making it ideal for indoor use!

With its silent operation, you can use it without any noise disruptions, even with children sleeping in the house or pets roaming around. Say goodbye to waking up from mosquito bites!

How It Works

Our mosquito trap utilizes three effective steps to catch and eliminate flying insects. The LED light attracts bacteria-carrying pests, while powerful airflow fans swiftly capture them.

Subsequently, they are vacuumed and pulled into a retaining basket.

Finally, the airdrying system kills the trapped insects, making this Trap safer and more efficient than other devices.

Portable And Convenient

Versatile usage: Our product can be employed in any area troubled by mosquitoes and flying bugs, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use!

Conveniently washable and easy to clean! Not only can you carry it on your journeys, but it can also be effortlessly cleaned with water and stored away when not in use.

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Package includes

  • x1 Smart Portable Mosquito Flies Trap + 1 USB Charger
  • Protected by super soft, shatter resistant cover